On Friday August  8 at 6:30PM ALEPH California will be wrapping up Summer with a night of art, live music and coffee at AoSA.
ALEPH is a non-profit organization that has invested in youth-at-risk in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, and in Huntington Beach. The heart of ALEPH is to reconcile people to God, and people to people, through the sport of surfing.


($5 suggested fundraising donation for programs in JBay & California )

girls_aleph_aosa aleph_quik_aosa anastasia_aleph_aosa beach_guys_group_aleph




Zero Waste Freestanding POP

Need an alternative to your current in-store displays? These pine frames offer a double-sided, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing option. 

They have magnets inside the edges which align with partner magnets on the back of printed hardboard graphic inserts.  This makes them not only simple to install but also very easy to update the graphics and reducing install time.  

Get in touch with us for more information or to request a quote or sample. 
magnetic_hardboard_pop_eight magnetic_hardboard_pop_seven magentic_hardboard_pop_six magnetic_hardboard_pop_five magnetic_hardboard_pop_four magnetic_hardboard_pop_three magnetic_hardboard_pop_two magnetic_hardboard_pop_one

Sustainable Brands San Diego

sustainable_brands_san_diego_signageThe team took a trip down to Paradise Point in San Diego on June 2-5 for the Sustainable Brands Conference and enjoyed 3 days of insightful speakers, talented individuals & of course, beautiful sunsets.
We set up an installment with the goal of aligning ourselves with the brands that are now forming a new idea of what is possible and in doing so are looking for every possible opportunity to redesign their business. They are beginning to understand that “doing less bad” is not enough and in doing so are now seeking business models that deliver success while creating a positive impact.
As brands look to rethink and reformulate how they present their business they are in need of fresh, new solutions and AoSA was there in force to provide aid and answers.
Check out the photos below and make sure to come by next time.
sustainable_brands_san_deigo_activation_hub sustainable_brands_signage_san_diego sustainable_brands_san_diego_recycling_team sustainable_brands_san_diego_dinner